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FAGUS - Center for Urban Greening and Green Infrastructure

30.04.2013 | Hege Abrahamsen

FAGUS - Center for Urban Greening and Green Infrastructure (Faglig utviklingssenter for grøntanleggssektoren FAGUS)

FAGUS is the umbrella-organisation for the Norwegian professional green urban sector and a resource center for professionals, organisations,
researchers and authorities. Through interaction and sharing of knowledge we are promoting the importance of sustainable green spaces and their influence on
human health, well-being, climate and environment.

Founded in 2003 by the organisations of the landscapers, landscape architects, nurseries, municipal park administrations, arborists and the churchwardens,
FAGUS runs a secretariat with one employee.

The objective of FAGUS is
•    to make research and good practice available to members of the green sector
•    to provide meeting places for members of the different professions
•    to promote a common understanding of what is good quality and ways to achieve it

Main out-reaching activities are the running of an online counselling service for subscribers, and two major conferences for professionals each year.
FAGUS is also where the secretariats of the member organisations meet for strategic and practical planning of activities, and where the elected presidents/
chairpersons of those organisations meet as the voting assembly at FAGUS’ annual meeting.

There is no external funding of FAGUS, income is based on the online counselling and on profit from conferences.

Membership organisations: (er I ferd med å samle inn de som evt har oversatt sitt navn)
BAD, PARK OG IDRETT - Organisation for Pools, Parks and Sports Facilities
Norske anleggsgartnere, miljø- og landskapsentreprenører Naml – The Norwegian  Association of Landscape Contractors
Norsk forening for gravplasskultur NFK - Norwegian Society of Cementery Culture
Norsk Gartnerforbund NGF – Norwegian Horticultural Growers Association
Norsk trepleieforum NTF - The Norwegian chapter of ISA (International Society of Arboriculture)
Norske landskapsarkitekters forening NLA - Norwegian Association of Landscape Architects

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