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Nordisk samarbeid

12.02.2016 | MV

Det nordiske samarbeidet mellom landskapsarkitektforeningene ble formalisert under et møte i Skagen i 1969. Temaer som diskuteres er saker vedrørende IFLA, yrkesutøvelsen, det nordiske samarbeidet og felles nordiske initiativer.

NLA overtok sekretariatsfunksjonen etter Sveriges Arkitekter i 2016 og har den fram til 2019.
Resolusjon 2016: Nordisk tilgang til naturudvikling langs kysterne

Nordisk samarbeidsavtale 2015
Nordisk adresseliste 2015
Protokoll fra Nordisk møte i Stockholm september 2015
Nordisk virksomhetsplan 2015-2016

IFLA Europe - International Federation of Landscape Architects

13.06.2017 | MV

IFLA Europe er sammenslutningen av landskapsarkitektforeninger i Europa. NLA er medlem av IFLA Europe. IFLA EU Executive Secretary er Daniela Micanovic som vikarierer for Christine Bavassa. Adresse: IFLA Europe Secretariat. Avenue Louise 149/24, 12th Floor. 1050 Brussels, Belgium Tlf: +32 (0) 497 63 05 50 E-post: secretariat@iflaeurope.eu


The establishment of IFLA Europe Resolutions, as an end result of scientific production, started at General assembly in Oslo in 2014. Its objective is to reinforce our General assembly where all delegates give their view on current GA topic. IFLA Europe 2017 Resolution is a joint effort of all IFLA Europe Delegates who gave their views on UnLimited Landscapes. Our Resolution may be used as a powerful tool to help in promoting landscape architecture profession and its recognition.

IFLA Europe 2015 Resolution on Landscape Democracy has been presented at the 8th Conference of the European Landscape Convention organised by the Council of Europe, and can be found both in IFLA EUROPE’s and the CoE’s web pages. Last year’s Resolution focused on Urban landscapes, understanding cities as landscapes that will provide for opportunities linking the past, the present and the future in order to achieve social justice, sense of place, economic health and ecological integrity.

You may also find it on IFLA EUROPE's website

Resolusjon 2017: "Unlimited landscapes"
Vedtatt under General Assembly i Buchuresti 2.-4. juni
The Pecha Kucha presentations from Bucharest General Assembly

The Pecha Kucha presentations from our General Assembly 2016
Presidentens bulletin april
IFLA Europe generalforsamling 2016
Resolusjon 2016 "Urban landscapes"


Secretary General ANJA BOSERUP QVIST secretarygeneral@iflaeurope.eu

Treasurer MARC CLARAMUNT treasurer@iflaeurope.eu

Vice-President Education EMILIA WECKMANN vpeducation@iflaeurope.eu

Vice-President Professional Practice HERMANN GUNNLAUGSSON vppractice@iflaeu.eu

Immediate Past-President ANA LUENGO- ANON ana@citerea.es

Executive Secretary DANIELLA MICANOVIC secretariat@iflaeurope.eu Phone +32 492 319 451 http://iflaeurope.eu

Mobile: +353-87-685 2069
Skype: tonygwilliams1


Resolution "Learning from Landscapes"

As you all know, with the objective of achieving both scientific production and visibility with the aim of reinforcing our General Assemblies, where more than 34 National Associations are brought yearly together, the establishment of Resolutions was started in 2014. The aim is that the Conference’s theme, together with the GA’s delegate’s Pecha Kucha, and the IFLA EUROPE Award for that year, are rounded up in a thematic resolution.
Last year’s Resolution on Landscape Democracy has been presented at the 8th Conference of the European Landscape Convention organized by the Council of Europe, and can be found both in IFLA EUROPE’s and the CoE’s web pages. The 2014 Resolution has also been approved at IFLA’s World Council at Moscow 2015.
As regards this year’s Resolution, it has been worked on during the year: a draft was circulated to all NA for comments during the WC in Moscow, and a final draft is now attached.
As last year, the final version will be finished during the GA, after the Seminar organised by APAP and Pecha Kucha presentations by delegates, by an especially appointed group lead by Christian Tschumi, who we want to thank specially for his work and unrelenting support chairing this project.
Ana Luengo, President IFLA Europe

Presidentens bulletin på engelsk februar 2015
Presidentens bulletin på engelsk, april 2015
April - World Landscape Architecture Month
Presidentens bulletin på engelsk, juli 2015
Presidentens Bulletin på engelsk, november 2015


Link to NLA-IFLA seminar 17 Oct: Landscape and Democracy
Draft agenda for General Assembly in Oslo 18-19 Oct 2014.
Venue/address: NLA, Arkitektenes hus, Josefines gate 34, NO-0351 Oslo

Presidentens Bulletin november 2014 (engelsk)
Presidentens Bulletin oktober 2014: English - French - Spanish

IFLA Europe General Assembly, Oslo, Norway 18. - 19. Oct 2014:
Download reimbursement CLAIM FORM

Download the Logo for the IFLA Europe Silver Jubilee 2014: JPG - PDF

Invitation to General Assembly in Berlin 21-22 Sept.
Referat /Summary from General Assembly in Berlin 2013, with links til Pecha Kuchaene som ble holdt av de ulike lands delegater.

IFLA Europes nettsider
PAYSMED, portal for landskapsarkitektur i Middelhavsregionen.

EFLA Newsletter spring 2011, no 25
EFLA kalender juli 2010
EFLA kalender juni 2010
EFLA Newsletter spring 2010, vol 2
EFLA Kalender april 2010
EFLA Newsletter spring 2010
EFLA kalender februar 2010

IFLA Europes medlemsdatabase

11.12.2015 | MV

IFLA Europe har opprettet en medlemsdatabase som skal fungere både som en ressursdatabase for landskapsarkitekter i Europa, og den skal bidra til å styrke nettverket av landskapsarkitekter i Europa.

IFLA Europe's project "Members' Database" is now fully operational. This project was agreed at the General Assembly of IFLA EUROPE held in Oslo, Norway in October 2014, when the President's´ Council, with the full support of the General Assembly, agreed the need for a more cohesive Federation that is able to provide both its National Associations as well as its members opportunities to develop their capacities at European level.

The creation of the Members’ database establishes a completely new working and networking approach inside the Federation, without interfering with the professional databases existing in each country, nor with the relations between members and their NA. On the contrary, it strives to strengthen these by providing members with fuller services at an European level. The MDB (members’ database) also works transversally with other projects currently developed in IFLA EU which also strive to strengthen IFLA Europe’s services to its members as well as establishing a more cohesive European Federation.

We thank National Associations for their contribution to its development, and especially the Members’ Data Base working group, led by Maja Teodorovic with the help of Gertjan Jobse.

Link to Members Database

IFLA EUROPE will manage the Federate members’ database in compliance with the Data Protection Directive 95/46/EC, respecting every country’s legislations passed upon the basis established by the previously mentioned directive, specifically articles 7 to 17 regarding consent, treatment, right of access, information, exemptions, restrictions, as well as security and confidentiality, remaining IFLA EUROPE THE EUROPEAN REGION OF IFLA INTERNATIONAL FEDERATION OF LANDSCAPE ARCHITECTS Avenue Louise 149/24 – 1050 Bruxelles - Brussels (Belgium) secretariat@iflaeurope.eu exempt from responsibility from the misuse of a third person, which is outside the control of IFLA EUROPE.

IFLA - International Federation of Landscape Architects

30.10.2018 | admin

International Federation of Landscape Architects, IFLA, er sammenslutningen av verdens landskapsarkitektforeninger. I IFLA er 69 medlemsland representert, pluss ni individuelle medlemmer. IFLA er inndelt i fire geografiske regioner; Africa-Mid East Region, Americas Region, Asia-Pacific Region og den Europeiske Region. NLAs IFLA-delegat er Gyda Grendstad (2012-2016). IFLA Secretariat. Avenue Louise 149/24 1050 Brussels, Belgium Tel: +32 (0) 497 63 05 50 E-mail: admin@iflaonline.org


IFLA World Global accord: "Adaptation for a changing world" was ratified at our IFLA EUs General Assembly in Bucharest 2017. IFLA Europe joins the efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, to shrink demands for energy and to advance renewable sources of energy. The profession of landscape architecture can do much to advocate for improved resilience through advancements in public transportation, enhancement of urban canopy and expansion of green infrastructure.

 IFLA Tasting the landscape

Email:    president@iflaonline.org
Web:      www.iflaonline.org

The IFLA Book 2010-2014
This book has been prepared by IFLA’s Immediate Past President, Desiree Martinez, and contains a collection of articles written by the previous IFLA ExCo and everyone that actively contributed to the development of projects during that period, including the World Congresses.
 On behalf of the current IFLA ExCo, we would like to express your sincere gratitude to everyone involved on this book and specially to Desiree for her hard work and energy committed to IFLA.

IFLAs nettsider
IFLAs Utdanningskriterier
IFLA 49th World Congress "Landscapes in Transition", Cape Town, 5.-7.9.2012 
NLA studietur i fb med IFLA-kongressen i Cape Town 8.-15.9 2012
IFLA 48th World Congress "Scales of Nature", Sveits, 2011
Rapport fra IFLA World Council 2010, Kina

IFLA 47th World Congress (PDF)

IFLA World Council Meeting 2010, 26.05 - 27.05
Emily Wades rapport fra New Zealand 2013

Fornyet samarbeidsavtale mellom IFLA og UiA mars 2012
IFLA News Brief nr 37
IFLA News, nr 95, oktober 2011
IFLA News nr 93, june 2011
IFLA News nr 92, april 2011
IFLA News nr. 90, desember 2010
IFLA rapport fra 47th World Coucil Meeting
IFLA News nr. 87, april 10
IFLA News Brief april 10 - World Landscape Architecture Month (1/2)
IFLA News Brief april 10 - World Landscape Architecture Month (2/2)
IFLA News nr 86, februar 10

FAGUS - Center for Urban Greening and Green Infrastructure

30.04.2013 | Hege Abrahamsen

FAGUS - Center for Urban Greening and Green Infrastructure (Faglig utviklingssenter for grøntanleggssektoren FAGUS)

FAGUS is the umbrella-organisation for the Norwegian professional green urban sector and a resource center for professionals, organisations,
researchers and authorities. Through interaction and sharing of knowledge we are promoting the importance of sustainable green spaces and their influence on
human health, well-being, climate and environment.

Founded in 2003 by the organisations of the landscapers, landscape architects, nurseries, municipal park administrations, arborists and the churchwardens,
FAGUS runs a secretariat with one employee.

The objective of FAGUS is
•    to make research and good practice available to members of the green sector
•    to provide meeting places for members of the different professions
•    to promote a common understanding of what is good quality and ways to achieve it

Main out-reaching activities are the running of an online counselling service for subscribers, and two major conferences for professionals each year.
FAGUS is also where the secretariats of the member organisations meet for strategic and practical planning of activities, and where the elected presidents/
chairpersons of those organisations meet as the voting assembly at FAGUS’ annual meeting.

There is no external funding of FAGUS, income is based on the online counselling and on profit from conferences.

Membership organisations: (er I ferd med å samle inn de som evt har oversatt sitt navn)
BAD, PARK OG IDRETT - Organisation for Pools, Parks and Sports Facilities
Norske anleggsgartnere, miljø- og landskapsentreprenører Naml – The Norwegian  Association of Landscape Contractors
Norsk forening for gravplasskultur NFK - Norwegian Society of Cementery Culture
Norsk Gartnerforbund NGF – Norwegian Horticultural Growers Association
Norsk trepleieforum NTF - The Norwegian chapter of ISA (International Society of Arboriculture)
Norske landskapsarkitekters forening NLA - Norwegian Association of Landscape Architects

Rapport fra workshop 2009: European Landscape Convention Group

08.12.2009 | admin

NLAs representant i European Landscape Convention Group, Birgitte Hellstrøm, har sammenfattet workshop i Malmø den 8.-9.10.2009 i en rapport.

Europa Nostra


The European Heritage Alliance 3.3 is calling on 28 EU Heads of State or Government to ensure that the European Year of Cultural Heritage 2018 is supported with adequate financial resources at all levels of governance: from European to national, regional and local.

For more information please visit IFLA Europe website

Europa Nostras nettside


Europa Nostra Annual Congress, Istanbul - E Bulletin
Annual Congres 2. - 7. juni 2009
Årsmøte 2009 og møte om Skøien Hovedgaard
Årsmelding 2008


ICOMOS - International Council on Monuments and Sites


ICOMOS Norge er den norske avdelingen av International Council on Monuments and Sites. ICOMOS ble dannet i 1965 og er en «non-governmental organization» for fagfolk som arbeider med kulturminnevern. ICOMOS Norge er rådgiver for norske myndigheter i Verdensarvspørsmål. ICOMOS Norge inngår i et internasjonalt nettverk av kulturminneeksperter, der ICOMOS medlemmer er engasjert i kulturminnevern i Europa, Afrika, Asia, Amerika, Oseania og Antarktis. ICOMOS har rollen som rådgiver for UNESCO i spørsmål om verdensarv. UNESCO bistår ellers forvaltere for Verdensarv globalt gjennom sitt Verdensarvsenter. UNESCO er FNs organisasjon for utdanning, vitenskap, kultur og kommunikasjon. Organisasjonens mål er å bidra til fred og trygghet gjennom internasjonalt samarbeid på disse områdene. UNESCO ble opprettet i 1945, og Norge ble medlem i 1946.

Les mer på ICOMOS Norges hjemmeside

ICOMOS nyhetsbrev om Raymond Lemaire Fund for unge forgivere (21-30 år)

Nyhetsbrev 16. februar 2009.

Heritage in Transformation Heritage protection in the 21st century - problems challenges predictions ICOMOS Poland

Verdensarvforum 2016 Telemark 9.-11. mai


Landscape Institute (LA)


Landscape Institute, LI, er foreningen for landskapsarkitekter i Storbritannia. Foreningen utgir magasinet Landscape.

Les mer på Landscape Institutes hjemmeside

Landscape Institute på Twitter

Landscape Institute er like gammel som NLA og fyller 90 år i 2019.
Da kommer de for å feire i Oslo, under vår verdenskongress Common Ground 18.-20. september.
Her skal de blant annet bidra i programmeringen av en egen Paralll sesjon.

Paisajismo Landscape Magazine



Paisajismo www.paisajismoonline.com is a journal devoted exclusively to professional landscape architecture. With only about 6 years of experience, it is an international benchmark. Published bimonthly with 116 pages, it has the international support of leading industry professionals. Throughout it's different sections, it offers news about projects, outdoor spaces, private and public gardens, art and nature, shares stories, and monographs. Paisajismo takes a very rigorous approach in reviewing developments in the landscape industry, using a common language for all professionals involved in the design and construction of urban green spaces.

Klikk her for mer info.

The Green City


Skjermbilde 2015-06-23 kl. 11.35.31

The Green City


UNESCO rapporter


Florence Declaration of Landscape


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