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    International Symposium on Strait Crossings, Bergen

    16. jun kl 09.00 - 19. jun kl 16.00

    Strait Crossings 2013 - Extreme Crossings and New Technologies
    Sixth International Symposium on Strait Crossings in Bergen.
    16 – 19 of June 2013, Bergen, Norway 

    Strait crossings by fixed links or by ferries greatly influence transportation costs. The mode of crossings also impact on social development, the environment and total energy consumption as well as traffic safety issues. The symposium will address the many challenges associated with extreme crossings. Nearly 100 contributions have been received covering the symposium themes.

    Bridges: Conventional bridges (long, slender suspension or cable stayed bridges), floating bridges and combined structures.
    Tunnels: Submerged floating tunnels, Immersed tunnels, Sub-sea rock tunnels
    Ferries: Ferry types, Operation (gas, electric, hybrid), Terminals 
    Regional development: Improved access

    Professionals and others with interest, skills and experience in the planning and execution of solutions for strait crossings are invited to attend.

    Please register on the symposium website before June 1st.

    Some of the challenges involved in a current project Coastal Highway Route E39 along the Norwegian west coast may be viewed by following this link to a video animation of possible solutions for crossing a 3.7 km wide and 1.3 km deep strait:
    Se video på YouTube

    There is now an agreed political intention to bridge the remaining straits along Coastal Highway Route E39 with fixed links over a period of 20 years with an estimated cost of the order of 150 billion NOK (20 billion Euro).

    Visit the symposium web-site

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