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    Boklansering AHO: Water Urbanisms

    30. apr kl 13.00 - 30. apr kl 14.00

    Wednesday 30 April 2014
    13.00 -14.00
    AHO, group room west
    Presentation by editors:
    Bruno De Meulder, University of Leuven
    Kelly Shannon, AHO
    Waters Urbanisms East expands upon the first edition of Water Urbanisms, published in 2008. It gathers a number of leading practitioners and academics globally to reflect upon the growing challenges of water in the city, infrastructural landscapes and the reuniting of engineered and natural processes. The predicted consequences of climate change (drought, floods), new pressures of storm water and basin management and ecological concerns has led to new design thinking and projects that create rich interdependencies of water and urbanism. Three components structure each publication, all of which are richly illustrated. Contemporary Positions gathers a wide range of paradigms and projects. Practices Revisited looks back to the world’s rich legacy of water urbanisms projects—both historic and more recent—to re-evaluate their significance in light of today’s challenges. Explorations & Speculations highlights design research and new interplays between water, urbanism and infrastructure. 

    See also this link.
    Kelly Shannon
    Institute of Urbanism & Landscape

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