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    Flormart Garden Show 2016 - international competition of landscape achitecture

    21. sep kl 15.22 - 23. sep kl 15.22


    Section 1 – Ideas for the transformation of an end-of-life industrial area inside the “Colli Euganei Park”. Territory development and innovative sustainability
    Section 2 – Temporary garden projects to be installed inside PadovaFiere exhibition centre

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    The second edition will be organized in partnership with UNISCAPE, European Network of Universities for the implementation of the European Landscape Convention. Twenty thousand euro the total prize

    After the successful first edition, Flormart Garden Show, International Landscape Architecture Competition will be organized as part of “Flormart -  International exhibition of nursery gardening and landscape” scheduled from 21 to 23 September 2016 in Padovafiere exhibition centre. The competition strengthens this year its international dimension thanks to the involvement, as main partner, of UNISCAPE, the network of 52 Universities involved in the implementation of the European Landscape Convention. Uniscape will offer an important contribution to the promotion of the initiative. The quality of the proposal grows together with the investment made available this year: twenty thousand euro the total prize for the two sections of the competition.

    The purpose of the Competition is to develop the theme of the urban landscape and the relationship between architecture and nature, enhancing  designers and public and private operators of green and landscape working in this sector. At the same Flormart Garden Show stimulates - through the ideas that come out of this proposal - a new debate, starting with concrete solutions, on a theme more than ever central to future cities design.

    Two sections are provided: the first will award the three best projects of intervention in Lozzo Atestino, in the heart of the “Colli Euganei” Park, for the requalification of an end-of-life industrial area owned by Fischer Italia Srl, main sponsor of the project. The second section is devoted to temporary garden projects that will be realized in the exhibition centre during Flormart exhibition.

    PadovaFiere and UNISCAPE intend to reward and enhance designers, operators and public and/or private organizations working in the field of landscape design, biodiversity conservation and the enhancement and recovery of green spaces in urban areas.

    The selection is proclaimed on an international scale open to landscape architects, designers, design studios, companies operating in the design and implementation of green, students, and in general to all operators of the green and landscape sector.

    The theme of landscape architecture becomes one of the key elements of the new Flormart 2016 project since green application for cities regeneration and land protection represents an opportunity for the development of the entire nursery chain: production, design and construction companies are directly involved in the enhancement of the territory, carrying out activities functional to the landscape maintenance and the protection of productive potential.

    Registration deadline: 30 April 2016.
    Announcement and info on the website: www.flormart.it/en/events/flormart-garden-show/
    FLORMART is the leading international event in Italy dedicated to Gardening and Floriculture, technologies and equipment for the management and maintenance of green and renewable energies applied to the horticultural sector.
    If you are interested in participating to Flormart as an exhibitor, you can find more informations in the attached and on our website: www.flormart.it/en

    Competition announcement
    Press release

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