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    Senter for landskapsdemokrati åpner på ILP/NMBU

    16. jun kl 13.59 - 16. jun kl 13.59

    Launch of the Centre for Landscape Democracy(CLaD) at ILP NMBU
    June 16 NMBU campus Ås in Sørhellinga building
    kl 10.30-16.00

    Norway and Landscape Democracy

    Both landscape and democracy comprise the identity building blocks of Norwegian society.

    The Bicentennial of the Norwegian constitution this year is an opportunity for the Norwegian research community to promote both the internationalisation of Norwegian research and the significance of democracy and landscape to Norwegian identity.

    This is done by taking on a leadership role in the emerging research and discourse arena of Landscape Democracy. On Monday June 16th ILP is launching a new International Research Centre on Landscape Democracy (CLaD). The launching event is an open seminar with keynote invited guests who are considered internationally as the pillars of scholarly work on Landscape Democracy.


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