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Internasjonal hagekonkurranse 2020, Chaumont-sur-Loire

06.09.2019 | MV

29th International Garden Festival i Chaumont-sur-Loire (Frankrike) Tema for 2020 utgaven: GARDENS OF THE EARTH RETURN TO MOTHER EARTH. Frist for å sende inn forslag: 18. oktober

For the 29TH International Garden Festival, the Domain of Chaumont-sur-Loire is holding an international competition for 20 plots of around 210 m2.
This call for applications is open
- to landscape architects with a specialised school or university qualification or who are members of the of the EFLA [European Foundation for Landscape Architecture] or another recognised landscape organisation for countries outside Europe,
- to multidisciplinary teams, comprising for example architects, engineers, designers, set designers or artists, preferably with a landscape architect or a botanist within this team,
- to students from landscape, architecture or design schools, who can provide evidence of a landscape option and

The following people are excluded from this call for applications
- designers who have already created a garden at Chaumont-sur-Loire during the last three years
- members of the jury and their close family

The call for applications dossier can be downloaded from our website www.domaine-chaumont.fr (2020 contest section) after registration. It comprises:
- The specifications present the theme in detail and the technical constraints associated with the design of a garden on the Chaumont-sur-Loire site (soil, aspect, visitors, plants, etc.)
- The regulations lay out the process for the call for applications and itemise the rules for taking part in the competition.

Financing: no payment is planned for taking part in this call for applications. Payment of designers chosen for the 2020 International Garden Festival, along with the budget allocated for creating the gardens, are fixed in the call for applications dossier.
Closing date for receiving the garden projects: Thursday the 18th of October 2019 before 5:00 pm

Contact: Elizabeth Mettling / Tel: 33 (0) 631 553 766 / E-mail: concours@domaine-chaumont.fr


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