Du er her: Forsiden Artikler 2019 Landskab nr 3-2019 kommer ut 10. mai

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Finn din landskapsarkitekt
Foto: Steen Høyer

Landskab nr 3-2019 kommer ut 10. mai

07.05.2019 | MV

Landskab 3-2019 er tilegnet livet og verkene til professor og landskapsarkitekt Steen Høyer som nylig gikk bort.

With professor Steen Høyer’s far too early passing, we have lost an exceptional landscape architect, artist and sculptor. A wonderful person, kind, warm and modest – always wise and thoughtful.

Steen Høyer was one of landscape architecture’s great kings: C.Th. Sørensen, Palle Schmidt, Sven-Ingvar Andersson and Malene Hauxner. Especially Sven-Ingvar Andersson had a decisive in uence on Steen Høyer – both humanly and professionally. After graduating from Erik Chr. Sørensen’s department at Kunstakademiets Arkitektskole he became a teacher at Sven- Ingvar’s department for landscape design and later a professor at the same place.

Steen Høyer was clearly aware of the importance of being on a wide architectural foundation – which he referred to as: “Landscape art, visual art and building design as spatial art’s three cornerstones. Work with the landscape cannot be regarded as isolated, as it makes up a unified foundation for all physical development in town and country – like a large assembled jigsaw puzzle.”

In Steen Høyer’s work with the art of landscape design, on can sense the sculptor. With artistic accuracy the statement is distilled and intensi ed toward an impressive simplicity, which both houses subtlety, humor and thunderous beauty.

Steen Høyer avidly followed many of the projects at the o ce during almost 30 years. Most recently he was landscape architect for the Natural Historic Museum and the Freedom Museum, where the landscape is the principal motif. A tremendous collaboration through many years, which we at the office have greatly appreciated both professionally and humanly. We who knew him, who were allowed to work with him and learn from him were very fortunate. Steen was exceptionally good at listening; listening to the place, to the sketch and to his fellow workers. This endowed him with his special integrity.

Steen Høyer’s significance as a person, landscape artist and teacher cannot be overestimated and fortunately he has participated in his testimony, in the form of works and wonderful publications, which illustrate the world he saw and dreamt of passing it on.

He often got the nal wise words – therefor also here: “The pause is overlooked because it is considered to be unproductive and non creative. But we all know that the pause and sleep provide a free space in the world – a free space where the mind’s intuition orders and develops all that reason must abandon.”
Pete Avondoglio

LA 3-2019 forside


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