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WHO-rapport om helseverdiene av grøntstrukturer

31.05.2017 | MV

WHO har nylig utarbeidet en rapport om helseverdiene av grøntstrukturer i urbane strøk.

Leading up to the Sixth Ministerial Conference on Environment and Health to be held 13 to 15 June in Ostrava, Czech Republic, WHO has launched a new report aiming to fill the knowledge gap on the benefits of urban green spaces. The report provides the results of an evidence review and an assessment of local case studies on urban green space interventions.

Urban green space interventions and health – a review of impacts and effectiveness” is now available on the WHO website.

The new report on green space interventions and practical solutions complements the 2016 report on health effects of urban green spaces. An urban green space action brief, summarizing the key messages of the project for urban practitioners, is in production and will be published in English and Russian language (most likely in late June).

Last ned rapporten som pdf (202 s.)

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