Park in the new city fairground redevelopment area - CityLife

The International Planning Competition "Park in the new city fairground redevelopment area - CityLife" has been announced.

With the publication of the Public Announcement on 19 May 2010 on the Gazzetta Ufficiale della Repubblica Italiana number 57- serie Gazzetta Ufficiale V Serie Speciale, the selection of the candidates is officially open.
The promoter, CityLife S.r.l., will announce a private, invitation-only International Planning Competition for the new park and has asked the City of Milan to provide the names of 5 architects/engineers who will be nominated for participation along with the architects/engineers nominated directly by CityLife S.r.l.
The text of the Public Announcement regarding the selection of the 5 candidates who will be invited to participate in the Competition is published on the websites and
Applications for participation in the selection process, including all required documents and materials required must be received no later than Wednesday, 30 June 2010.
Failure to submit the documentation by this deadline will result in exclusion from the selection process.
The announcement was given 21. june by the municipal councillor for the City Development, Carlo Masseroli, during a press conference at CityLife.
The new city park, measuring some 168,000 square meters will cost 16.3 million of euros and will be realized in three phases. The first lot within 2012, the second within 2013 and the last one within 2014.
The 5 selected candidates will receive notice of the Commission's decision on or before 9 July 2010. The winner will be announced on or before 30 october 2010. Subsequent to the competition the winner shall develop the final park project by 31/12/2010.
Here attached the Public Announcement of the City of Milan
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