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IFLA Europe - International Federation of Landscape Architects

22.02.2019 | MV

IFLA Europe er sammenslutningen av landskapsarkitektforeninger i Europa. NLA er medlem av IFLA Europe. IFLA EU Executive Secretary er Daniela Micanovic Adresse: IFLA Europe Secretariat. Avenue Louise 149/24, 12th Floor. 1050 Brussels, Belgium Tlf: +32 (0) 497 63 05 50 E-post: secretariat@iflaeurope.eu



IFLA Europe has successfully organised its first exhibition led by Urszula Forczek-Brataniec, our Secretary General. The Exhibition covered works from all over Europe and represents a database of the good landscape and architectural space that we wish to recommend. The exhibition contained 61 projects from 24 countries associated in IFLA Europe.  For more information about this project and IFLA Europe Exhibition, please visit IFLA Europe website: http://iflaeurope.eu/…/i…/exhibition-projects-per-countries/

The establishment of IFLA Europe Resolutions, as an end result of scientific production, started at General assembly in Oslo in 2014. Its objective is to reinforce our General assembly where all delegates give their view on current GA topic. IFLA Europe 2017 Resolution is a joint effort of all IFLA Europe Delegates who gave their views on UnLimited Landscapes. Our Resolution may be used as a powerful tool to help in promoting landscape architecture profession and its recognition.

Valuing landscape

Resolusjon 2017: "Unlimited landscapes"
Vedtatt under General Assembly i Buchuresti 2.-4. juni
The Pecha Kucha presentations from Bucharest General Assembly

The Pecha Kucha presentations from our General Assembly 2016
Presidentens bulletin april
IFLA Europe generalforsamling 2016
Resolusjon 2016 "Urban landscapes"

Executive Secretary DANIELLA MICANOVIC secretariat@iflaeurope.eu Phone +32 492 319 451 http://iflaeurope.eu


Resolution "Learning from Landscapes"

As you all know, with the objective of achieving both scientific production and visibility with the aim of reinforcing our General Assemblies, where more than 34 National Associations are brought yearly together, the establishment of Resolutions was started in 2014. The aim is that the Conference’s theme, together with the GA’s delegate’s Pecha Kucha, and the IFLA EUROPE Award for that year, are rounded up in a thematic resolution.
Last year’s Resolution on Landscape Democracy has been presented at the 8th Conference of the European Landscape Convention organized by the Council of Europe, and can be found both in IFLA EUROPE’s and the CoE’s web pages. The 2014 Resolution has also been approved at IFLA’s World Council at Moscow 2015.
As regards this year’s Resolution, it has been worked on during the year: a draft was circulated to all NA for comments during the WC in Moscow, and a final draft is now attached.
As last year, the final version will be finished during the GA, after the Seminar organised by APAP and Pecha Kucha presentations by delegates, by an especially appointed group lead by Christian Tschumi, who we want to thank specially for his work and unrelenting support chairing this project.
Ana Luengo, President IFLA Europe

Presidentens bulletin på engelsk februar 2015
Presidentens bulletin på engelsk, april 2015
April - World Landscape Architecture Month
Presidentens bulletin på engelsk, juli 2015
Presidentens Bulletin på engelsk, november 2015

IFLA Europe 2014 Resolution on Landscape Democracy has been presented at the 8th Conference of the European Landscape Convention organised by the Council of Europe, and can be found both in IFLA EUROPE’s and the CoE’s web pages. Last year’s Resolution focused on Urban landscapes, understanding cities as landscapes that will provide for opportunities linking the past, the present and the future in order to achieve social justice, sense of place, economic health and ecological integrity.

You may also find it on IFLA EUROPE's website 

Link to NLA-IFLA seminar 17 Oct: Landscape and Democracy
Draft agenda for General Assembly in Oslo 18-19 Oct 2014.
Venue/address: NLA, Arkitektenes hus, Josefines gate 34, NO-0351 Oslo

Presidentens Bulletin november 2014 (engelsk)
Presidentens Bulletin oktober 2014: English - French - Spanish

IFLA Europe General Assembly, Oslo, Norway 18. - 19. Oct 2014:
Download reimbursement CLAIM FORM

Invitation to General Assembly in Berlin 21-22 Sept.
Referat /Summary from General Assembly in Berlin 2013, with links til Pecha Kuchaene som ble holdt av de ulike lands delegater.
IFLA Europes nettsider
PAYSMED, portal for landskapsarkitektur i Middelhavsregionen.

EFLA Newsletter spring 2011, no 25
EFLA kalender juli 2010
EFLA kalender juni 2010
EFLA Newsletter spring 2010, vol 2
EFLA Kalender april 2010
EFLA Newsletter spring 2010
EFLA kalender februar 2010

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