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Foto: Biennale di Venezia

AHOs LA-studenter deltar på Venezia-biennalen

21.05.2018 | MV

AHO har blitt spesielt invitert til å delta på årets Biennale i Venezia. Kuratorene inviterte ti arkitekturskoler fra hele verden til å komme med sine visjoner for industriområdet Porto Marghera.

Venezia-paviljonen vil på den kommende Biennalen huse en utstilling om Venezia i fortiden og i framtiden. Utstillingen åpner 25. mai med en verrnissasje der AHOs intituttledere, professorer og studenter som har deltatt i prosjektet, vil være til stede.. 

Om prosjektet i italiensk presse

Vårt svar var å knytte prosjektet til Arkitektur-Biennalens framtid og hvordan framtidige biennaler kan bli redskaper for urbane transformasjoner, samt perfekte påskudd for å lage nye, vakre bygninger og gjenbruke industristrukturer.

Video av vårt forslag
Høyoppløste bilder

La Fabbrica della biennale.
Oslo School of Architecture and design. AHO
Luis Callejas
Giambattista Zaccariotto 

Christiana Pitsillidou
Ermioni Garramone
Biljana Nikolic
Mattias Josefsson
Nikola Gjorgjivski 

Silvia Mihaela Deacon
Karlis Faunromans
Jhu Yin Hong
Siyin Pang
Milja Tuomivaara
Paul Antoine Lucas

Marianne Skjulhaug
Thomas McQuillan
Erik Fenstad Langdalen

Invitasjonen fra kuratorene
The exhibition aims to explore the re-articulation of workspaces in the territory in-between Mestre and Marghera industrial area. 

In a condition of a radical transformation of labour and productive activities suitable for Marghera areas, some dominant characteristics seem to be more feasible and innovative. They consist on the high digital content, the profound innovation in the manufacturing sector, the inclusion within circular economy processes, the creativity of affected industries, the ever-increasing sharing of services and equipment that become places for urban sociality. The competition aims to answer three questions: which forms are working activities destined to take? What are the relationships with space and places? And the ones with and between the workers? 

For a long time those areas has been considered as a double periphery both of the city and the industrial area, the left-over space remaining at the edge of the city, which have been suffering the negative effects coming from the nearby industrial areas. 

Nevertheless today this area, thanks to some processes and projects of urban regeneration and economic reactivation, highlights opportunities for change and reactivation that could be extended beyond its borders and show paths to recovery feasible also for Marghera industrial area.

Small groups of teachers and students are invited from a selection among the most prestigious schools of architecture in Europe and in the world:
AHO, Oslo
GSAPP, Columbia University (USA)
ETH, Zurich
TU, Delft
ETSAB, Barcelona
KU, Leuven
EPFL, Lausanne
ULB, Brussels
Pontifical Catholic University of Chile (Chile)
USP, University of São Paulo (Brazil)   

IUAV and UNiUdine (members of the Marghera industrial area Centenary Committee) will organize the competition.

Each participant must deliver a video of 5 minutes through which tell the imagined regeneration process for one of the addressed four sites. All the projects will be presented at the 2018 Architecture Biennale. The first three will receive a certificate of the Architecture Biennale from a prestigious and international jury.  

Related activities
- On the occasion of the opening of the Architecture Biennale, a two-day seminar will be organized with the schools invited to present their work: the first day for presentation and discussion of the their works, the second day for the attribution of the certificate by the jury and a discussion with local architecture firms.  

Call launch February 2017
Survey of participants in March 2017
Delivery of materials, beginning of May 2018
Awards ceremony and exhibition in May 2018 at the opening of the Venice Architecture Biennale 2018 







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