International Student Design Competition 2019

Organised and programmed by NMBU – Norwegian University of Life Sciences

Foto: 1. Drawings - Balance of Situation-kopi 3

Illustration: 1st prize winners Yang, Jie and Mian, Nanjing Forestry University, China

This vision for the 2019 IFLA World Congress COMMON GROUND addresses a vast theme including changes to the Earth due to climate change and population growth. The theme both affects our physical surroundings and how to develop and manage our common ground sustainably.

As part of this congress, students are asked to challenge what "Common Ground" means in transformation areas in the dense city. IFLA invites students in small groups to interpret the concepts of "common ground" to Hovinbyen, a major former industrial area in central Oslo that is currently undergoing a large re-development.

The site of the proposed Grønvold Park contains a historic farmhouse and small green spaces, the remains from the site’s use as a match factory in the 19th Century. Today’s development includes planning for a new primary school and mixed used development neighboring the proposed park. In addition, the 6000m2 site will have no motorized traffic.

The competition’s challenge is to interpret the concepts of “Common Ground” to develop a new identity for the proposed Grønvold Park as a new sustainable link in Hovinbyen’s larger transformation.

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2019 IFLA International Student Competition
Jury report by Dr. Beverly A. Sandalack, Chair
9 June 2019

The jury is pleased to recommend to James Hayter, IFLA President, the following for awards:

1st Prize – Group Han Prize for Landscape Architecture $1,500 US
First prize
Photo: Nic Tourrenc

"Balance of Situation: Landscape Design Strategies, Urban Intensive Transition Areas"
Jiang Han Yang, Zhou Ming Jie, Wei Zhong Mian
Dean: Fang Cheng
Nanjing Forestry University, China

Description - Drawings

The site design is very clear and well developed, and resulted in the definition of various spaces. It could be built in stages. The common ground is accessible by neighbours, bicyclists, and others. This project addressed the various edge conditions and extended beyond the site to include some of the context. The project considered the previous farm function and proposed urban agricultural uses. The site plan brings the various spaces and uses together into a united concept. It is graphically very strong, and the jury notes the clear and strong design of the various spaces, and of the site as a whole.

2nd Prize – Group Han Commendation Award for Landscape Architecture $1,000
Andre premie
Photo: Nic Tourrenc

"Urban Life Laboratory - Self-service garden with free constructing spaces", Zhuang Hang, Hu Ersi,
Dean: WANG Xiangrong
Beijing Forestry University, China

Description - Drawing page 1 - Drawing page 2

This project considered the previous function of the match factory in a new interpretation. They addressed the context and edges, and extended the landscape plan beyond the site boundary into the garden blocks and outside the farm buildings. There was a good articulation of the interior courtyard. The project considered how the site would be used throughout the year and for different purposes and seems flexible. The presentation is graphically competent and persuasive.

3rd Prize – Norwegian Association of Landscape Architects Merit Award $500 US

Univ Evora 3 prize
Photo: Nic Tourrenc

"Et sted å være"
Ricardo Pala, Marta A.
Terlim, Pedro Casalta
Dean: Paula Maria Simões
Universidade de Evora, Portugal

Description - Drawings page 1 - Drawings page 2

The strength of this project was its clear design. Although not developed in detail, the plan convinced the jury that the public space would be properly proportioned and human-scaled. Among so many projects that were overly complicated, this submission succeeded in its simplicity and clarity. The students are encouraged to develop their skills in detailed design so as to complement the conceptual abilities.