IFLA - International Federation of Landscape Architects

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International Federation of Landscape Architects, IFLA, er sammenslutningen av verdens landskapsarkitektforeninger. IFLA har ca 70 medlemsland og har hovedkontor i Brüssel. NLAs IFLA-delegat er fra april 2022 Kathrine Omnia Strøm.


2019 IFLA World Council minutes
2019 IFLA declares climate and biodiversity emergency  

2020  Ingen kongress - pga av Covid 19-pandemien
2021  Malaysia - digital pga covid
2022  Korea
2023  Sverige/Kenya - digital pga klima
2024  Tyrkia

IFLA World Global accord: "Adaptation for a changing world" was ratified at our IFLA EUs General Assembly in Bucharest 2017. IFLA Europe joins the efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, to shrink demands for energy and to advance renewable sources of energy. The profession of landscape architecture can do much to advocate for improved resilience through advancements in public transportation, enhancement of urban canopy and expansion of green infrastructure.

 IFLA Tasting the landscape

Email:    president@iflaonline.org
Web:      www.iflaonline.org

The IFLA Book 2010-2014
This book has been prepared by IFLA’s Immediate Past President, Desiree Martinez, and contains a collection of articles written by the previous IFLA ExCo and everyone that actively contributed to the development of projects during that period, including the World Congresses.
 On behalf of the current IFLA ExCo, we would like to express your sincere gratitude to everyone involved on this book and specially to Desiree for her hard work and energy committed to IFLA.

IFLAs nettsider
IFLAs Utdanningskriterier
IFLA 49th World Congress "Landscapes in Transition", Cape Town, 5.-7.9.2012 
NLA studietur i fb med IFLA-kongressen i Cape Town 8.-15.9 2012
IFLA 48th World Congress "Scales of Nature", Sveits, 2011
Rapport fra IFLA World Council 2010, Kina

IFLA 47th World Congress (PDF)

IFLA World Council Meeting 2010, 26.05 - 27.05
Emily Wades rapport fra New Zealand 2013

Fornyet samarbeidsavtale mellom IFLA og UiA mars 2012
IFLA News Brief nr 37
IFLA News, nr 95, oktober 2011
IFLA News nr 93, june 2011
IFLA News nr 92, april 2011
IFLA News nr. 90, desember 2010
IFLA rapport fra 47th World Coucil Meeting
IFLA News nr. 87, april 10
IFLA News Brief april 10 - World Landscape Architecture Month (1/2)
IFLA News Brief april 10 - World Landscape Architecture Month (2/2)
IFLA News nr 86, februar 10