Green Fairytales was initiated by British Council Norway as part of Oslo Mobility Week in response to European Car Free Day. The event involved closing down Ankerbrua to motorized traffic, transforming the function of an urban space into a different public space for a limited amount of time.

Artists, designers, landscape architects and students from the Oslo School of Design and
Architecture joined forces and covered the bridge in grass, in order to engage the public in questions related to social issues, environment and urban planning. The aim was to present the local authorities with ideas for the future development of this area,
represented by a wide and diverse group of local users. The grass was recycled and
reused in gardens and parks.


Kategori: Land-art

Beliggenhet: Ankerbrua, Oslo

Oppdragsgiver: British Council Norway

Byggeår: 2005

Areal/størrelse: 300m²

Kostnad inkl. MVA: £ 21 000

Landskapsarkitekt: Dronninga landskap AS

Ansvarlig landskapsarkitekt: GrossMax, Edinburgh

Prosjekterende landskapsarkitekt(er): Master of Landscape Architecture, Oslo School of Architecture (AHO)

Anleggsgartner: Braathen & Thorvaldsen

Dronninga landskap AS

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